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| Refers to the falloff, defines the strength of the tool operation through space.
| Refers to the falloff, defines the strength of the tool operation through space.
| -
| Refers to the workplane.
| Refers to the workplane.

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The CLxImpl_Tool interface contains the core methods we will use to build our tool and must always be included when creating a tool. It should be noted that some of the methods within CLxImpl_Tool are also dependant on other packages however where possible I will mention these.

#include <lx_layer.hpp>
#include <lx_tool.hpp>

class BasicTool : public CLxImpl_Tool

Interface Methods


The Reset method sets the tool attributes back to their initial/default state(as defined within the constructor).

Header Definition

void		  tool_Reset() LXx_OVERRIDE;


void BasicTool::tool_Reset()
    attr_SetFlt(0, 0.0);
    attr_SetFlt(1, 0.0);
  • attr_SetFlt, attr_SetBool, attr_SetInt, etc are used to reset different variable types.
  • The index is used to reference the required attribute in the order it was defined in.
  • The value argument is the value you wish it to reset to.


This method applys the tool, recursively applying any hierarchy of sub-tools. Naturally, it validates the tool state upon completion.

Header Definition

void		  tool_Evaluate(ILxUnknownID vts) LXx_OVERRIDE;


void BasicTool::tool_Evaluate(ILxUnknownID vts)
    double factorX, factorY;

    attr_GetFlt(0, &factorX);
    attr_GetFlt(1, &factorY);

    my_log.Info("Factor X: " + std::to_string(factorX) + " Factor Y: " + toString(factorY));
  • attr_GetFlt can be used to retrieve a attribute for use within the tool.


This method returns the tool vector type, describing the vector packets required for processing.

Header Definition

LXtObjectID	  tool_VectorType() LXx_OVERRIDE;


LXtObjectID BasicTool::tool_VectorType()
    return v_type.m_loc;	// peek method; does not add-ref


Specifies the type of task performed by the tool.

Header Definition

LXtID4		  tool_Task() LXx_OVERRIDE;


LXtID4 BasicTool::tool_Task()
    return LXi_TASK_ACTR;
Return Value Description
LXi_TASK_ACEN Refers to a action center, defines a position about which a tool operation is centered.
LXi_TASK_ACTR A Actor or state altering tool, most tools will be made using this, refers to the primary tool in the tool pipe.
LXi_TASK_AXIS Refers to the axis, defines a axis or co-ordinate suystem in which a tool operates.
LXi_TASK_BRSH Refers to a paint brush.
LXi_TASK_CONS Refers to a constraint, constrains mouse events to move along a continuous surface
LXi_TASK_CONT Refers to a content preset.
LXi_TASK_EFFR Refers to a effector, read particles and effects at the position.
LXi_TASK_NOZL Refers to a nozzle(used with brushes)
LXi_TASK_PATH Refers to a path generator
LXi_TASK_POST Refers to a post apply actor
LXi_TASK_PTCL Refers to a surface particle generator
LXi_TASK_SIDE Not 100% Sure, by process of elimination I bielive it isthe visual aid - Adds to display without changing anything.
LXi_TASK_SNAP Refers to the snap, attracts and locks mouse events to specific positions or elements.
LXi_TASK_STYL Doesnt actually effect anything.
LXi_TASK_SYMM Refers to tool symmetry
LXi_TASK_WGHT Refers to the falloff, defines the strength of the tool operation through space. - LXs_TASK_WORK Refers to the workplane.


Specifies the order in the pipe, by returning an Ordinal string.

Header Definition

const char *  tool_Order() LXx_OVERRIDE;


const char *BasicTool::tool_Order()
    return LXs_ORD_ACTR;


This method uses the attribute sequence object given to store the tool's complete state by generating the sequence of attribute changes needed to reproduce that exact state. A tool whose state is expressed entirely by its attributes may return LXe_NOTIMPL from this method, and let the system build the sequence directly from the attribute list. //BasicToolCLxImpl_Tool::tool_Sequence ===

tool_ShouldBeAttribute(LXtID4 task)

int tool_ShouldBeAttribute(LXtID4 task)

Undocumented Methods

I am currently giving these methods there own category as so far I have not been able to get them to work. They are related to procedural tools however please refer to the SDK docs for more info

tool_GetOp(void** ppvObj,unsigned flags)

LxResult tool_GetOp(void** ppvObj,unsigned flags)

tool_CompareOp(ILxUnknownID vts, LXtObjectID toolop)

int tool_CompareOp(ILxUnknownID vts, LXtObjectID toolop)

tool_UpdateOp(ILxUnknownID toolOP)

LxResult tool_UpdateOp(ILxUnknownID toolOP)