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File format reference for MODO's scene and preset files with code examples.

MODO's scene (lxo) and preset (lxp, lxl, lxe etc) files are an extension of the "LWOB" format by Allen Hastings and Stuart Ferguson which was itself an implementation of the IFF format originally developed by Electronic Arts. The files have a common structure which mirrors that of the chunks and subchunks that they contain - in other words the IFF file container is like a single uber chunk, it starts with a 4 byte identifier, which is always 'FORM', followed by a 4-byte unsigned integer specifying the size of the data that follows. The data block consists of a single 4 byte field specifying the IFF sub-type followed by a series of chunks, some of which may be further divided into subchunks. Chunks and subchunks consist of a 4 byte ID followed by either a 4 byte (chunks) or 2 byte (subchunks) size field specifying the length of the data they contain.

Sweetscape MODO IFF - template file for the Sweetscape 010 Editor

IFF File References & History

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