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The python 'API' and persistent interpreter were introduced in modo 701 in order to make Python a 'first class citizen' for the purposes of writing modo plugins. The API itself is generated direct from the existing C++ SDK making it possible to write, in python, pretty much any kind of plugin or tool that would also be possible using C++.

Because the API is generated directly from the C++ SDK it can, at times appear somewhat 'alien' and 'un-pythonic' but this is really just a reflection of it's C++ heritage. Over time it is our intention to alleviate some of the 'culture' shock that python programmers may experience by implementing utility modules and classes with a more traditional 'pythonic' feel. This also means that the 'definitive' source of information for the python API is currently the main C++ documentation. As the python API section of the wiki grows and more examples are added, it will hopefully become less necessary for python programmers to have to fall back to what, for most, is a decidedly 'foreign' language.


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