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THis article provides links to some general pages to get you started with the SDK and scripting, and provides a directory for features that don't really fit anywhere else.


  • Plug-ins vs. Scripts, and why you'd want to use one or the other.
  • Config Files, and how they are used by plug-ins and scripts for the user interface and other features.
  • Kits, which provide a convenient way to wrap up a plug-in, script, set of configs, and so on for distribution.
  • Command System, explaining how modo's command system functions. Commands are the main way of interacting with modo, both by the user and through scripts.
  • User Interface, covering how to create user interfaces though commands.
  • SDK, explaining how to use the SDK.
  • Scripting, detailing how scripting works in modo.

Advanced Control

  • Headless, detailing how to run and control modo without a user interface.
  • Telnet, covering how to use modo's built-in telnet server to send commands from another application over TCP or named pipes.
  • DDE, which provides information on how to use Dynamic Data Exchange to send commands to modo on Windows.
  • Preview Socket, detailing how to use TCP or named pipes to obtain rendered frames from modo's interactive Preview renderer.
  • Network Rendering, explaining both how to use modo's built-in network rendering and how to set up your own batch rendering as well as how to extend a render controller to support modo.