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Help URLs provide a way to get help for a particular feature by opening a URL in the system default web browser. These are commonly attached to commands, items, tools and other features in modo.

Help URLs are triggered by clicking the ? button in a command dialog, or by pressing F1 and clicking on a part of the user interface.


Help URLs are stored in config files. A root-level HelpURLs atom wraps any number of HelpURL hashes. The hash key is a prefer, followed by a specific element of the client the help is for (such as a tool or a command).

The content of the tag is the URL itself. If this is a fully qualified URL, you can enter the entire thing, complete with http://. Otherwise, the URL will be relative to the application help path. To reference help within a kit, use the kit's alias as part of the URL.


Here are three help URLs. The first two are relative to the help path, and the third goes to Google.

 <?xml version="1.0"?>
   <atom type="HelpURLs">
     <hash type="HelpURL" key="client:some.element">helpURL.hmtl</hash>
     <hash type="HelpURL" key="client:another.element">helpURL.hmtl#anchor</hash>
     <hash type="HelpURL" key="client:google"></hash>

Common Clients

There are a number of common clients for the help URL system. Adding a new help URLs is done by specifying the internal name of one of the client's elements as the HelpURL hash key. Remember that hashes are always case sensitive.

Client Prefix Element Example Hash
Command command: Internal Command Name command:tool.set
Tool tool: Internal Tool or Tool Preset Name tool:xfrm.move
Viewport Type viewport: Internal Viewport Type Name viewport:pref
Item Type item: Internal Viewport Type Name item:camera


You can copy and paste this into your configs to get you started.

  <atom type="HelpURLs">
    <hash type="HelpURL" key=""></hash>
    <!-- Insert more help URLs here -->