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(Examples and Tutorials)
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* [[SDK Basics]]
* [[SDK Basics]]
* [[Building Plug-ins]]
* [[Building Plug-ins]]
* [[Channel Modifier (metaclass)]]
* [[Channel (metaclass)]]
* [[Eval Modifier (metaclass)]]
* [[Package or Item Type (metaclass)]]
* [[Schematic Connection (metaclass)]]
* [[Value Texture (metaclass)]]
== Examples and Tutorials ==
== Examples and Tutorials ==

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The SDK provides a C++ interface for creating plug-ins for Luxology's modo.

Getting Started

Examples and Tutorials

So you've decided to write a plug-in. Good for you!

Full Index of Examples
  • Index -- Complete index of annotated examples for creating complete plug-ins


These pages can help with common questions and useful code fragments.

  • FAQ -- Common questions with short answers
  • Usage -- How-To articles for miscellaneous things
  • Kits -- Intro to packaging your plug-in as a kit
  • Config Files -- Information on resource files

Object & Interface Reference

The nexus system is composed of a network of objects and interfaces. These pages are intended mainly to show the relationships: which objects present which interfaces, and which interface methods access which objects.

Access to nexus from plug-ins starts with the Context Object which provides a gateway to all the services. Access to plug-ins from nexus starts with the Module Object which allows the application to find and spawn servers.


Reference pages: