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=== DoWhileUserIsIdle ===
//If you try to execute a script while holding down a modifier like ctrl or shift, it will postpone execution until you release the modifier
import lx, lxifc
class visitor(lxifc.Visitor):                 
    def __init__(self):    # The initial setup method
    def vis_Evaluate(self):                         
pSrv = lx.service.Platform()
vis = visitor()
com_visitor = lx.object.Unknown(vis)
pSrv.DoWhenUserIsIdle(com_visitor, lx.symbol.fUSERIDLE_MODIFIER_KEYS_UP)
//Too cancel it you need to pass exactly the same com object and flags
pSrv.CancelDoWhenUserIsIdle(com_visitor, lx.symbol.fUSERIDLE_MODIFIER_KEYS_UP )
=== Toggle Command ===
lx.eval('tool.set falloff.linear ?+')
=== Path of Selected Preset Item ===
ppaths = lxu.select.PresetPathSelection().current()
print ppaths
=== View3dService Example ===
import modo, lx
viewSvc = lx.service.View3Dport()
currentView = lx.object.View3D(viewSvc.View(viewSvc.Current()))
for i in range(viewSvc.Count()):
    view = lx.object.View3D(viewSvc.View(i))
    print view.Matrix(0)
    print view.Angles()
    print view.Axis()
    print view.EyeVector()
    a = view.To3D(150.0,150.0,2000)
    a = view.Center()
    a = view.WorkPlane()

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