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//If you try to execute a script while holding down a modifier like ctrl or shift, it will postpone execution until you release the modifier
import lx, lxifc
class visitor(lxifc.Visitor):                  
    def __init__(self):     # The initial setup method 
    def vis_Evaluate(self):                           
pSrv = lx.service.Platform()
vis = visitor()
com_visitor = lx.object.Unknown(vis)
pSrv.DoWhenUserIsIdle(com_visitor, lx.symbol.fUSERIDLE_MODIFIER_KEYS_UP)

//Too cancel it you need to pass exactly the same com object and flags
pSrv.CancelDoWhenUserIsIdle(com_visitor, lx.symbol.fUSERIDLE_MODIFIER_KEYS_UP )

Toggle Command

lx.eval('tool.set falloff.linear ?+')