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The SDK distribution consists of several parts:

  • The include directory contains the headers, both C and C++, defining the nexus interfaces. Header files are of several types indicated by their filenames:
    • lx_{name}.hpp -- C++ headers declaring the user classes for interfaces. These are the ones normally included by plug-in source code.
    • lxu_{name}.hpp -- C++ headers declaring utility classes. These are not necessary but can be useful.
    • lx{name}.h -- raw C headers declaring interfaces and related types. These should not be included directly in C++ projects if there is a corresponding "lx_{name}.hpp" header file. However there are a few specific cases which are intended to be included.
    • lxw_{name}.hpp -- C++ headers which declare core wrapper classes for interfaces. These should not normally be included from C++ projects.
  • The common directory contains the source code for common.lib, which implements the C++ wrappers of the native C plug-in API. All the samples link with this common library. It also contains the implementations of the utility classes, which are used if needed.
  • The documentation directory, containing the reference docs for SDK headers.
  • The samples directory contains source code for sample plug-ins of various types. Some are more suitable as starter samples than others.
  • The Visual C (Windows) and Xcode (Mac OS X) projects will build the common lib and all the samples.