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Utility classes used by wrappers.


This is just a class with a virtual destructor. Anything inheriting from this has the ability to be destroyed anywhere, and that's a powerfully important concept in C++.


Simple template list class using the next and prev pointers in the templated type.

Object Management

The three things you can do with COM objects without knowing anything about them are QueryInterface, AddRef, and Release. These functions handle different data types.

  • lx::IfcQuery(), lx::IfcAddRef(), lx::IfcRelease() -- for an ILxInterfaceID pointer
  • lx::ObjQuery(), lx::ObjAddRef(), lx::ObjRelease() -- for an LXtObjectID
  • lx::UnkQuery(), lx::UnkAddRef(), lx::UnkRelease() -- for an ILxUnknownID pointer


Globals con from querying the global object, which can be done though:

  • lx::GetGlobal() -- this can take a GUID pointer or a GUID string

GUID Services

If you really need to deal in GUIDs, there are some functions for that:

  • lx::LookupGUID() -- returns a GUID pointer from a string
  • lx::GUIDCompare() -- compares two GUIDs
  • lx::GUIDSet() -- sets a GUID struct from raw numbers. This is mostly used by the CLxLoc localization wrappers