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Media Clips

Media Clips are the abstract superclass for all video and audio clips, and thus should never be directly instanced by the user. They provide high-level functions common to all clips.

Video Clips

VideoClip items are derived from MediaClip, and are the superclass of all video and image related clips, such as stills, image sequences, animations and blanks. They are never directly instanced by the user, but serve as a base for the other types. Common video clip data such as interlacing options and the alpha mode are present here.

Item Interface

A video clip item presents a special interface to allow it to be a video clip.

PrepFilter Given an ILxEvaluation interface, Add the channels needed to compute the filter. Data can be cached in the cache pointer.
AllocFilter Allocate an ILxImageFilter object using the cache. Values for this item can be read from the attributes.
Cleanup Delete the cache, if any.
(1) SDK: VideoClipItem::PrepFilter, etc.
         LXxMETHOD(  LxResult,
 PrepFilter) (
         LXtObjectID              self,
         LXtObjectID              eval,
         void                   **cache);
         LXxMETHOD(  LxResult,
 AllocFilter) (
         LXtObjectID              self,
         LXtObjectID              attr,
         void                    *cache,
         void                   **ppvObj);
         LXxMETHOD(  void,
 Cleanup) (
         LXtObjectID              self,
         void                    *cache);

 #define LXu_VIDEOCLIPITEM       "340FD1AD-B576-4BC3-8B6F-7DF1F5C312FB"

(3) SDK: CLxUser_VideoClipItem::GetFilter method
 GetFilter (
         CLxLoc_Attributes       &attr,
         void                    *cache,
         CLxLocalizedObject      &filter)
         LXtObjectID              obj;
         if (LXx_OK (AllocFilter (attr, cache, &obj)))
                 return filter.take (obj);
         filter.clear ();
         return false;

Empty VideoClipItem Python user class.

(4) PY: empty VideoClipItem user class